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Marine Communications Systems

Harl Porter will be teaching Marine Communications System class this spring. Harl is the author of this USPS class. This course is designed to teach correct radio operating techniques, plus a solid foundation on VHF marine radio systems. After completing this class, you will know how to: properly use your VHF radio, how to buy and install a new VHF radio for your boat and how to correct 90% of your boat’s VHF radio problems. You will also sound like a professional radio operator to other boater who hear you on the air.

Class is seven weeks long with the last class being a review of material covered and a multiple-choice exam. There are NO prerequisites for this class. Topics covered are: 1) History of Radio Communications, 2) Radio Frequency Spectrum / Propagation and Modulation, 3) Look at Functions inside a VHF Radio, different types of Marine Antennas, and how to read a VHF Radio Specification, 4) Overview of Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), 5) FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Rules and Regulations, 6) Radio Operations with emphasis on correct radio techniques, with hands-on practice scenarios, 7) Long range HF and Satellite communications systems (which is NOT tested), 8) Other Communications System used on boats, and 9) Marine VHF Radio Installation and Maintenance.

Class starts on Monday 3 February at 6:30 PM in our Club House at 1376 Orange Grove Road in West Ashley. Please be at first class 15 minutes to pay class fee and to get class material (text and CD of all classroom slides, plus other material). Cost is $70 to members.

Please let either SEO Billy Lynes (lynes@tds.net) and P/C Harl Porter (107Harl@sc.rr.com) know if you want to take this class (or need additional information).

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