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Operations Training

Do you know how the Unites States Power Squadrons®, America’s Boating Club, operates on the national, district, and squadron levels? Do you know what officers’ duties and responsibilities are? Do you know how committees work and to which officer a committee reports? Would you like to know something about these topics? Then join us for the Operations Training Seminar (OT in 3). This seminar discusses the above topics and others. It also covers a short discussion on USPS protocols, rank and grade, and merit marks.

Operations Training has no student manual. There is no cost for taking this seminar, nor is there an exam. All participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. The seminar takes about three hours to complete.

All squadron officers should complete this seminar, but it is not only for officers. This is a very good seminar for our newer members. Since you have joined our organization and are paying dues, do you want to learn more about the operation of the organization you have joined? We welcome all of our members to join the session to learn more about the way our organization works, and ways in which our members can contribute to the organization. If you have taken the seminar previously, it is recommended that you retake the seminar at least every five years as our organization continues to change. We welcome questions, participation, and discussions about the material covered.

For flexibility, we plan to hold two sessions of this seminar. The first will be on Sunday, 28 April at 1:00 PM; the second on Saturday, 4 May at 9:00 AM. We invite you to attend either of these presentations.

Please contact me prior to the session you plan to attend. We need to print handouts and certificates, so we need to know how much printing we will need to do.

We would like to see you all join us for this informative and important preservation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ed Kridler at: ekridler@bellsouth.net or 843-762-3986.

Thank you,

P/R/C Edwin G. (Ed) Kridler, SN

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