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Marine Navigation Systems

Marine Navigation Systems, which was offered to USPS as the replacement for ME103, will be taught this Spring; instructor will be P/C Harl Porter. Class starts on Wednesday 12 February 2014 at 1830; class will be five weeks long; plus a 6th night for review and exam. This course is designed to teach the theory, operations and maintenance of various Electronic Navigation Systems. It also contains an excellent chapter (NOT Tested) on electronic unit troubleshooting which will permit the skilled boater to correct approximately 90% of their electronic problems.

Marine Navigation Systems features a complete rewrite of what was ME103. This course presents a solid foundation in Depth Sounders, Radar, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and Chart Plotters. Also covered is Computer-Assisted Navigation software. Topics include both their proper operation and repair. Changes include new chapters on: Maintenance and Automatic Identification System (AIS).

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