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2017-2018 Bridge Officers
and Executive Committee Members

Donald D'Amaral

Donald D'Amaral, S
(843) 822-3377

Executive Officer
Lt/C David E. Billingsly. S
(843) 475-7032

Lt/C Gina S. DeBrum, P

Administrative Officer
Lt/C Gina S. DeBrum, P
(843) 323-2994 

Jeff La Rue

Past Commander
P/C Jeff La Rue, P
(843) 870-4858

Chazz Wilber

Education Officer
Lt/C Charles H. Wilber, S
(843) 559-7556

Assistant Education Officer
1st/Lt Bryan Armentrout, P
(804) 405-2056

Edie Wood

Lt/C Edie Wood
(843) 573-7921

Don Todd

Lt/C Donald Todd, JN
(843) 637-3531

Ken Fonville

Assistant Treasurer
1st/Lt Ken Fonville, SN
(843) 737-5701

Members At Large of the Executive Committee

Charlene Kahn, Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)
1st/Lt Byron Dalrymple
1st/Lt Joseph Klosik, S
1st/Lt Wendy Walker, S

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