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Basic Navigation Of the USPS Website


  • Click “Members’ Log-In” - Log in with certificate number, on membership certificate and on membership card; and PIN, on dues bill
  • On members’ home page, click “National Meetings” to find schedule and details of meetings
  • Top of page, click “Site Index” topics are listed
    • Under Forms, USPS forms page will open with forms listed by categories
  • At top of page, set curser on “Departments”. Information on each department, including departmental committees, is provided
  • At top of page, set curser on “Committees”. Departmental committees, general committees, and standing committees will be displayed
  • USPS Operations Manual can be opened from “Site Index” or “Committees”. Members, especially officers, should be familiar with the manual
  • Under Executive Department
    • Cooperative Charting Committee provides information on the cooperative charting program
    • Safety Committee provides information on vessel safety checks
  • Under Educational Department, information on all USPS courses and seminars, including program downloads, can be accessed
  • Under Administrative Department
    • Membership Committee provides information on membership, including statistics
    • Member Benefits Committee lists benefits that can be useful to all members
    • Squadron Activities Committee
      • SERAT, squadron Emergency Assistance Team, provides information on emergency volunteer assistance to first responders in water related emergencies
      • Also includes Port Captains, Amateur Radio, and Cruises & Rendezvous
    • Squadron Development/Leadership Committee
      • Squadron Development & Support; information on:
        • Provisional Squadrons
        • Squadron Manual
        • Squadrons at Risk
        • Developing New Squadrons
      • Operations & Leadership Training, under “Operations & Leadership Training”:
        • District & Squadron Job Descriptions
        • Interactive Calendars 2018 - 2019
        • Commanders’ Kits
        • Ops Training in “3”
        • Nominating Committee Manual for Districts and Squadrons
        • Leadership Development Program
        • Several other presentations
  • General Committees
    • Committee on Rules
    • Committee on Nominations
  • Standing Committees
    • Finance
    • Law
    • Planning
  • Take some time to explore the website. There is a lot of information available to help all members, and information to help district and squadron officers perform their duties effectively and efficiently
    Author: Stf/C Ed Kridler, SN

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