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Catch the Spirit Award

Catch the Spirit Award During our Bridge planning sessions in September [2014], a major topic of conversation was the adoption of a District 26 Motto and initiation of a Catch the Spirit Award. The Motto which has been adopted is “Catch the Spirit … Pass it On!”

Your District Bridge is excited about our future and we want our membership to Catch the Spirit and foster an attitude of positive spirit in everything we do and Pass it On to others within the District and Squadrons. By presenting this award as a perpetual symbol of this attitude to a worthy member of each squadron by the District representative to the Squadron Change of Watch, it will serve to remind us that we as individuals make a difference! The recipient of this award is selected by the outgoing Squadron Commander.

The award selected is a ceremonial flag based upon the District 26 Flag emblazoned with our district motto in gold to match the 50th Anniversary band around the outside of our District Flag. The Award Flag is ceremonial, not intended to be flown, and displayed in a solid frame that passes from one recipient to another, one each year, whom the Squadron Commander determines best exemplifies the motto.

While selection of the recipient is entirely up to the outgoing Squadron Commander, it is intended this individual promotes a positive spirit in their support of Squadron activities, fosters a spirit of cooperation among their fellow members and serves as a guiding beacon for what the ideal member would represent and cause others to emulate.

Charleston Sail & Power Squadron
Catch the Spirit Award, 2014

Gary Wolfe receives the Catch the Spirit Award
From the left: Gary Wolfe, S;
Karl Naugle, P, Past Commander, CSPS;
Andy Hyman, SN-ACN, District 26 Commander

The recipient of this award joined the Squadron after attending a Charleston Boat Show in January of last year and learning about the Charleston Sail & Power Squadron. Just like his Commander, he bought a boat after the show and then started attending meetings. He joined the Squadron on 11 February 2014. Since joining he has participated in multiple cruises, all of the dinner meetings, and has taken Seamanship, Piloting and Sail. He has brought numerous guests to the various events. He helps set up and clean up at the events he has attended. His positive attitude about the Squadron when talking with people around the community exemplifies many of our newest members and epitomizes the spirit of this award. He has not even been a member for a full year yet and we can see his spirit is infectious. He and his sons enjoy boating and Scuba diving. We are pleased to have him as a member and I am honored to select him for this award.

It is my pleasure to announce that our very first recipient of the “Catch the Spirit Award” is Gary Wolfe, Seaman! Congratulations Gary!

 — Andy Hyman  

Charleston Sail & Power Squadron
Catch the Spirit Award, 2015

Rick Cone receives the Catch the Spirit Award
Andy Hyman, SN-ACN, District 26 Commander and 1st Lt Rick Cone, JN.

Our recipient demonstrates his spirit by pitching in whenever there is work to be done… even if it’s mowing the grass, taking out the trash, touching up paint or cleaning and pulling weeds around the Squadron headquarters. This Member has also been a driving force in the squadron’s HQ enhancement project to an extent that’s not readily apparent to most members. When a generous donor provided money for a new roof over our building, this Member volunteered to take on the difficult and very time consuming task of finding a half dozen roofers who were willing to bid for our job. He had to evaluate all their proposals, interview key personnel and then present a short list and recommendations to the Squadron Executive Committee for approval. Because of his hard work, we got a very professional job at a great price. It was finished right on schedule… including the all-important cleanup of nails and other debris. In addition to his construction and maintenance work, this Member has served his squadron as Treasurer and is currently assistant Treasurer. He also teaches the squadron sailing class.

Hard work and a great attitude… Rick Cone is an outstanding example of the spirit we want to see! Congratulations 1st Lt Rick Cone, JN.

 — Andy Hyman  

Charleston Sail & Power Squadron
Catch the Spirit Award, 2016

Paul Wood receives the Catch the Spirit Award
Paul Wood and P/C Bill Quick
Our newest and most prestigious award is the Catch the Spirit Award.

This is the third year that this award has been presented. This award is presented to the member whom the Commander feels promotes a positive spirit in their support of Squadron activities.

It was not difficult to decide who might be appropriate for the Catch the Spirit Award - all that you need to do is look around this building, at the renovation that has occurred over the past year. Or check the list of instructors, and see who taught the Engine Maintenance course earlier this year. He also participated in the Beach Sweep and Boy Scout merit badge activities. And although not an official member of our Executive Committee, he regularly attended and participated with updates on the HQ renovation. And that’s just this year; in the past, he has served Charleston as our Administrative Officer. And his boat has been in the Parade of Boats.

I am delighted to announce that this year’s Catch the Spirit Award goes to Paul Wood. Thank you, Paul!

 — Bill Quick  

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