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Vessel Safety Check Information


A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of specific Safety Equipment required by State and Federal regulations.

The Vessel Examiners who perform these checks are trained specialists and Squadron members who know the latest legal requirements for boaters. Vessel Examiners have no legal authority—their goal is to prevent boaters from getting equipment-related citations and to reduce safety-related accidents. These boating safety equipment checks are meant to be educational and helpful, and are a good follow-up to any water safety course.

The Vessel Examiners will check to see if all required items are onboard your boat. If everything is present and in good working order, they will award a decal to affix to your boat. If you wish, they will also explain the reason for the various safety equipment requirements and explain how boat safety equipment works.

This is not boarding or a law enforcement issue. No citations will be given as a result of the safety check. We will supply you with a copy of our evaluation so that you may follow some of the suggestions given. Vessels that pass will be able to display distinctive United States Power Squadron Vessel Safety Check decal. This does not exempt you from law enforcement boarding, but you can be prepared to make this a positive encounter by being prepared in advance. You can learn more about this free service from the national website.

Here's a Virtual VSC for you to review.


TO SCHEDULE A VSC click here

For more information, contact

Steph Quick, P (CI, VE)
at ssq@swq.com or 843-494-9949.

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