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Organization Meeting Minutes

8 March 1946

Called to order at 2030 by Mr. I. L. McKenzie as temporary chairman.

Mr. McKenzie requested Mr. L. C. Ripley to act as temp. Secty.

Mr. McKenzie stated purpose of the meeting and asked will of those present. Motion made by Mr. Thomas and seconded by Mr. Soidke to proceed with organizing a power squadron was carried.

Mr. McKenzie then stated that we should select a name for the local squadron. Mr. Thomas-seconded by Mr. Willett proposed "Palmetto." Mr. Barsh seconded by Mr. DeSouza proposed "Charleston." On voting "Charleston" was chosen.

Mr. McKenzie then read article in USPS Constitution on "Duty of Officers."

Mr. McKenzie was nominated for Commander. No other nomination being offered; motion to close nominations and unanimous ballot be cast for Mr. McKenzie was carried.

Nominations for Lieut. Commander were then opened and the following were nominated: Dr. M.A. DeSouza, Mr. E.M. Sodke, Mr. Allan Mustard and Dr. Archie Myers. Motion carried to close nominations. Mr. Thomas was requested to act as teller. Dr. DeSouza requested that he be allowed to decline. Secret ballots resulted in six (6) votes for Mr. Sodke, Five (5) for Mr. Mustard and two (2) for Dr. Myers. A second secret ballot was spread between Mr. Sodke and Mr. Mustard. Mr. Mustard withdrew and Mr. Sodke was declared elected without a ballot being taken.

Nominations for Secretary were then called and Mr. Ripley was nominated. No further nominations being made; motion to close Nominations and unanimous ballot be cast for Mr. Ripley carried.

Nominations for Treasurer were then called for and Dr. Myers was nominated. No further nomination being made; motion to close nominations and unanimous ballot for Dr. Myers carried.

Application for charter was then circulated and eighteen (18) names were affixed.

Motion made and seconded that local dues be two dollars ($2.00) a year in addition to three dollars ($3.00) national dues and five dollars ($5.00) application fee was carried.

Motion made and seconded that bylaws committee composed of the elective officers and such other members as the Commander saw fit meet and report at next meeting. Motion amended to adopt the Detroit USPS Constitution and bylaws with only such changes as necessary to make them applicable to Charleston. Amendment carried. Motion as amended carried.

Motion made and seconded that the fourth Friday of each month at 8:00 PM be designated as regular meeting carried.

Next meeting announced as March 22, 1946.

Announcement was made that flags could be obtained after certificates of membership are received.

USPS Registration cards were filled in by boat owners present.

Motion to adjourn carried at 2155.

          L.C. Ripley

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