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How to Update USPS Information


The purpose of this webpage is to outline instructions for updating a member's USPS profile and email preferences.


• Information on member's USPS profile may need updating. New email address is a common reason.
• Member may or may not be receiving email from SailAngle.



To verify and update personal data at USPS website

1) Link to USPS

2) Click "Login "

3) Login

4) Edit your Profile.



5) Click Submit changes when done.



6) Go to the USPS home page and click on the "Access SailAngle" icon.

7) When SailAngle opens, click on "Edit Profile".




You should see your updated information.




You are done, unless you want to review and perhaps change your email preferences (below, step 8).


To verify and change email preferences at SailAngle

8) At your profile at SailAngle, click on the box on the upper right that reads "Email Notification Preference"


Change as desired.


It is recommended that you click on the choice “ON” for all the notification types so that all correspondence from SailAngle will be forwarded to you.


Click "Update My Email Notification Preference". After a moment, you'll be returned to the same "Email Notification Preference" screen, but with your new preferences displayed.


You are done!






Thanks to Jim Long of the Meriden Power Squadron for sharing this idea with us!


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