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From the Commander
Cdr Vince Lombardo, P
Holiday Season and New Year Greetings

I would like, once again, to thank each and every person in Charleston Power Squadron for your confidence in electing me as Commander. I still find your faith somewhat overwhelming. Please see my Commander's message below. It is a heartfelt statement as to what I believe we can accomplish as a group.

There is a lot of work to do to prepare for the coming year, but with a combination of experienced members, a fine Bridge and the efforts of each and every member, new and old alike, I am confident we will do well.

Planning, by the Bridge officers and committee chairpersons, is already well underway and should give us a head start on a successful and fun year. Of course the proven things will stay in place, but you will see some new ideas aimed specifically at improving existing membership participation and increasing membership overall.

Please join us … this is everyone's squadron and SUCCESS depends on EVERYONE!

The Christmas Party will be past when you read this and I hope all that attended had a good time. These occasions build the kinship among us that contributes to our success.

The Executive Committee meeting for January will take place at 1730 prior to the 9 January membership meeting. This was decided due to Bridge absences for the National Conference.

Please accept my most sincere wishes for a joyous holiday season and the happiest of new years.



On occasions like this it is expected that there will be talk of expectations and goals for the future. I plan to do this by speaking first of the past.

Even before the end of World War II, boatmen in Charleston were performing civic service on the waters in our area. They were practicing and promoting safe boating while patrolling for enemy activity. With the enemy threat ended in September of 1945, the boating remained. Still dedicated to boating and public service and with a combination of desire and hard work, the Charter of Charleston Power Squadron was awarded in early 1946.

Fraternity, Self-Education and Civic Service. Charleston joined a respected history begun in1914.

The history of USPS and Charleston Power Squadron is wells chronicled by historians from squadron to the national level and reflects the initiative, dedication and honor of those who have gone before us. A record of constantly "Raising The Bar" is readily observed in those documents.

In recognition of all of this, what are my expectations and goals for the coming year?

My expectation is that we will work as a team, with each member of the squadron putting forth their best effort in furthering the programs of USPS. Make a phone call and get a new member involved by offering them something to do, make them part of what is going on. If you have comments, constructive suggestions, ideas or skills to contribute, let someone know. Offer your time and service to someone. These things build our fraternal aspect and the basics for our self-education and civic service projects.

Individual achievement is good but collective accomplishment represents us all.

My goal is both individual and collective. I want to help orchestrate a team that will work to build membership, increase opportunity for self-education, enhance fraternity and expand civic service through public education and awareness.

By putting our best effort into what already exists and improving on these things in any way we can, we will have earned our places alongside those who have gone before us and can be proud when it is time for the coming year to end and go…..

Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, P

ell, this is the final issue of The Palmetto Log for this year and also the last issue for John VanWay as editor. Thanks John for making sure I got this article done every month.

Congratulations to Jim Davis for successfully completing both the open book and closed book exams for JN. I know that Jim worked very hard on this course so the next time you see him give him an ""atta boy".

The results for the piloting course given at Hobcaw Yacht Club, instructed by P/D/C Charles Rhea, also came in and the following members earned the right to use designation "P":
 Pat Neeley  Keith Gannet  Chuck Altschul  Steve Whitlock
The next time you see these folks please offer them your congratulations for the time and effort the expended to work on the piloting course.

Also, our student of the year for 2002 is Eleanor Parker. I had the good fortune to take Cruise Planning with Eleanor last spring and found her an extremely knowledgeable boater and an avid sailor. In just about every class Eleanor was able to teach me something new and she wasn't the instructor, Fred was. Ed Kridler has already recruited Eleanor to assist in instructing the next JN course. To bad, I was going to try to recruit her to teach another class. CONGRATUALATIONS ELEANOR!

We also have a new Assistant Education Officer - Mike Hamme. Those of you who know Mike know how enthusiastic he is about boating in any form but particularly sailing. Mike was student of the year two years ago, has taught the Sail course (which I hear from the students is great) and is going to be a great asset to the education department. As a matter of fact, Mike has already been instrumental in putting together a full year schedule of courses for 2003.

The schedule appears a separate sheet in this issue of the Palmetto Log so you can save it and plan the courses you will take. It will also be a permanent fixture on the squadron web site. As you can see from this schedule we are trying to move the courses around the area. We had a good turnout this past year with offering Seamanship and Piloting in Mt. Pleasant, thanks to Hobcaw Yacht Club. Given that success we are going to run Seamanship, Piloting and Advanced Piloting at Headquarters, in Summerville, and at Hobcaw again, if they'll have us. We are also planning at least four Public Boating Courses. Both the Squadron Boating Course® and Boat Smart® will be offered at various locations around town. Keep in mind that this schedule may change as time goes by so remember to check the web site and The Palmetto Log for future updates.

Now comes my recruiting pitch. In order to pull off the schedule that we have set up we need more instructors. Most pressing is the need for instructors for Public Boating Courses, Seamanship and Piloting. I can't imagine that the instructors we are currently using for these courses want to teach three or more times during the year. If they did they wouldn't have time left to go boating, which is not a good plan. So here's the deal - call or e-mail me and tell me what course in the schedule you can teach. It's good for you, good for the current instructors, good for the Charleston Power Squadron, and good for the community.

See y'all after the first of the year.



I appreciate the opportunity of serving in the position of Executive Officer for the Charleston Power Squadron in the upcoming year. This is a first for me; in the past I have worked primarily in the Educational Department. However, I remain a great supporter of both the USPS educational program and the CPS program. While not trying to steal the thunder from Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, AP, I do offer my heartiest congratulations to Lt Eleanor H. Parker, JN, for being the recipient of the CPS Student of the Year Award for 2002. This award is earned based on a point system for course completions between 1 September of one year through 30 August of the following year. A plaque is awarded to the recipient, and his or her name is engraved on a permanent plaque displayed at our Headquarters Building. Now is the time to begin earning points for the 2003 award.

We have chairs for all committees in the Executive Department. Some of the committees have additional members who have volunteered to help with activities in the coming year. Our committees can use additional help; all volunteers will be greatly appreciated.

The Boat Show Committee will be headed by P/Lt Martin G. Gipe, SN. Lt/C Robert A. Gulbrandsen, S, has agreed to help with getting our new smaller booths around to various boating establishments. Martin will be asking for additional help to man our booth at boat shows during the year.

P/C James W. "Mike" Page, P, is chairing the Cooperative Charting Committee. He will be assisted by Stephen Cofer-Shabica.

The Legislative Committee is chaired by Lt Eleanor Parker, JN.

P/C Merellene "Boo" Ward, JN, will be heading our Liaison Committee.

Lt Wendy C. Walsh, AP, will be in charge of the Public Relations Committee. This is one committee where additional help is needed.

The Radio Technical Committee will be lead by Lt Eugene A. Gilfillin, N.

Lt Kirk Williams, AP, is chairing the Safety Committee. He will be assisted by Diane Williams and Lt Michael S. King, AP.

P/C Anthony Ward, AP, will lead the activities of the Vessel Safety Check Committee.

The Executive Department is planning activities for the coming year. More information will be announced as it develops. We are planning to have an active year. Vessel safety checks will be an important ongoing activity. We are planning activities for National Safe Boating Week, which is scheduled for 17 - 23 May 2003. We are planning more interaction with other member organizations in the local boating community, beginning with the Charleston Cruising Club being invited to join us at the Hornik Cruise, in addition to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. We also are looking toward an active public relations effort this year. We are working on a few ideas for marketing the Charleston Power Squadron in the area. In addition, we plan to have an active year in co-operative charting activities.

Please feel free to join in our activities in the coming year. We can use your help and participation. Contact me, or any of our committee chairs if you would like to help our squadron through working with the Executive Department. Speaking for other bridge members, all of our departments would welcome your participation.

Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, P
Hi, everyone! Welcome to another squadron year! And, yes, also another year of people asking for your help - any help that you can give to us.

If you would like to help with meetings, cruises, speakers, membership, set-up, ANYTHING involved with the Administrative Department, please let me know. I can be reached at home at (843) 869-7808, or via e-mail at cfyedisto@aol.com. I'm looking forward to this year being GREAT!!

The January membership meeting will take place at Headquarters on Thursday, 9 January 2002. The bar will open for business at 1830. It will close at 1945. Prices are as follows: mixed drinks are $2.00; beer, wine, and wine coolers are $1.00; Non-alcoholic beverages are free. Remember that the bar supports itself so tips are more than welcome! There will be no guest speaker this month as it will be a "Get to Know Your Bridge" meeting. Come and meet your current Bridge!! This meeting will be catered by Po-Pigs Bo-BQ of Edisto Island at a cost of $10.00 per person. Please contact me at (843) 869-7808 or via e-mail at cfyedisto@aol.com with your reservations prior to Thursday, 2 January 2002, as a headcount is required for this meal.

Again, anyone wanting to be of assistance this year please contact me as soon as possible! Thank you ahead of time!!

Lt/C Robert A. Gulbransen, S

Greetings everyone! I am proud to assume the responsibilities of this office, and will try to live up to the trust and confidence you all have shown in me. I'm looking forward to working with everyone in the coming year and will rely on your support. If I can be of any assistance to our members, please don't hesitate to contact me and together we will get the answer.

I have just returned from the Bohicket Cruise with our hosts Lt/C Steve and Janice Kromer. What an outstanding event they organized. Great company, wonderful food and a good time were had by all. Steve and Janice went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and included in the cruise. The weatherman was a great help as well; beautiful cocktail hours aboard the "No Sense" with Captain Steve and his First Mate Janice. Thanks again a memorable weekend afloat.

Special from the Editor

he squadron celebrated a very successful COW last month and our new Bridge is planning a great 2003. The Palmetto Log also is undergoing it own change of watch this month as our stalwart editor for the last several years John VanWay hands his pen to Nelson Hicks as the new editor of The Palmetto Log. The squadron owes a pile of thanks to John for his undying intensity to this monthly event.

While I have limited experience with the Charleston Power Squadron, I am anxious to keep up the high standard that John set for the The Palmetto Log. I look forward to working with the Bridge and all members to continue to provide timely communication with all members. As we have learned in the past, deadlines are dates to adhere to, and I assume all contributors with meet these deadlines on a monthly basis.


Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, 7 November 2002

The meeting was called to order by Cdr. Vince Lombardo at 1934 at the Headquarters Building. A quorum was established. Those in attendance were: Lt/C Steve Kromer, Janice Kromer, Lt/C Loretta Lombardo, Cdr Vince Lombardo, Lt Dick Finn, Lt David Walsh, Nelson Hicks, Lt/C Ed Kridler, P/Lt/C Cynthia Kridler, PC Billy Lynes, 1st/Lt/C Corrin Marinko, Lt John VanWay, Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen.

Educational: Per Lt/C Steve Kromer: The training class schedule is now in place for the 2003 season. We need to complete some boat safety checks before the end of this year, to be counted on this year's numbers.

Executive: Per Lt/C Edwin Kridler: Noted that the Change of Watch for 2003 will be on 31 October. Also addressed the question, did the squadron want to participate in the 2002 Parade of Boats in Charleston and possibly Edisto area? The decision was made to table this until 2003, and investigate the possibilities for that years events.

Administrative: Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans was not present to give her report. She had a prior engagement elsewhere.

Treasurer: Per Lt/C Loretta Lombardo: Our membership has been improving. We will be closing the books for 2002 at the end of this month.

Secretary: Per Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen: As the new Secretary I am still in the learning process. Adding a thank you for the trust and confidence of the members for placing me in this office.

Commander: Per Cdr Vince Lombardo: Stated how well the change of watch went. Reminder that the Bohicket Cruise was the next and last of the 2002 season. Vince congratulated the new Bridge and added he was looking forward to working with together with them in the coming year.

Old Business: Janice Kromer said that all was on track with the Boat/US® grant and that we are seeking another grant from the US Coast Guard for our Educational department.

Lt John VanWay addressed the opposition to the National Headquarters handling the fund for the squadron. It was noted that we should go on record against this at the National Meeting. A letter is to be written and presented by Cdr Vince Lombardo at the National Meeting. At least four squadron members will be in attendance.

P/Lt/C Cynthia Kridler discussed the squadron bylaws and that they are up for vote at National level. She advised that they must be published twice before acceptance.

New BusinessLt/C Edwin Kridler motioned that Amy Rustin be installed as honorary member for the next year. The motion was seconded by Cdr Vince Lombardo and carried.

Lt Dave Walsh is looking for some suggestions on the 2003 Cruise schedule. Lt. John VanWay suggested a mail out survey to members. We are looking for ways to interest new and potential members in the squadron.

Cdr Vince Lombardo brought up the issue of Cooperative Charting and that we have not accomplished anything this year. We need to organize some functions within the next two months to meet our goals of participation.

The meeting adjourned at 2050.

P/C John L. Sikes, AP
If You're Ever Under the Helo

Boaters should be at least fundamentally acquainted with certain principles of helicopter rescue operations. With increased recreational cruising, and with the Coast Guard's nationwide fleet of rescue helicopters, the chances of you and the Coast Guard meeting under rescue conditions is not as remote as you might like to think. If you're boating on bigger water, and you or a passenger becomes ill, injured or otherwise in distress, the rescue vehicle of choice likely will be a helicopter.

If you've ever been beneath a hovering helicopter, you know how noisy, windy and unnerving it can be. There isn't much you or the pilot can do about the noise and the downdraft. Unfortunately, both noise and wind are characteristics of helicopters. But there are some things you should know and do to prepare for such an experience. By being knowledgeable and properly prepared, you can reduce the stress associated with such an encounter. At the same time, you'll minimize the chances of blunders that could put you and your passengers at further risk, and maximize the chances for success of the operation.

Before the helo arrives at your position, you need to make some preparations. Make sure your VHF Marine radio is tuned to channel 16 and the volume is turned up. Stow all loose items that might be blown about or sucked up by the helicopter's turbine engine intakes. This can include lines, soda cans, charts, towels or any other light materials. Make sure all passengers are wearing their life jackets. Lower antenna masts, outriggers and anything else that could interfere with the operation. If you're on a sailboat, all sails should be furled and secured. And finally, limit the number of people on deck. Select the few that can help, and move the others out of the way.

A helicopter pilot will try whenever possible to make an approach to your position into the wind. This enhances his visibility by tilting the helicopter slightly nose downward. To further assist the pilot in monitoring the operation, the helicopter is flown from the starboard seat, and the retrieving cable is deployed from the starboard side of the ship.
It is important for you, as captain of the surface vessel being assisted, to make certain that no lights or flares are aimed in the direction of the helicopter as it approaches your position. Blinding the pilot will not get the operation off to a good start!

The pilot may ask that you get your vessel underway, if possible, and run slowly into the wind or with the relative wind over your port bow. This way, the helicopter can maintain a heading well to the left of the boat's heading, giving the pilot the best possible visibility. Also, with some "way on," both the boat and the aircraft are more controllable and steady. Finally, the downdraft from the rotor blades will be pointed more aft, and away from the boat.

Spinning rotor blades on a helicopter act like an electric generator, and can develop thousands of volts of electrical energy. This energy can be transferred from the aircraft to a person on the vessel who touches the hoisting cable, resulting in an uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous shock. Therefore, it is recommended that the cable be hooked or touched first by a conductor, like a bare wire attached to a boathook that simultaneously makes contact with the boat itself. Wood boats and fiberglass boats will conduct the charges away at these high voltages.

Depending upon the reason for the operation, the helicopter crew may send down any of a number of things. Whether it's a pump for dewatering your sinking boat, or a Stokes stretcher to take off an ill or injured passenger, you'll need to pay attention to the helo crew's instructions, unhook the item from the lowering cable, and do it carefully and yet as speedily as possible. If you have to work with a victim and basket, the helicopter will move off until you signal that you are ready for pick-up. Just remember, you should never attach anything to the boat that also is attached to the helicopter.

If your style of recreational boating ever could result in the need of a rescue helicopter, then you will benefit by knowing what to expect, and by following these few simple rules. By being a calm, educated, and prepared skipper, you'll be of great assistance to the skilled pilot and crew that may be risking their own lives on your behalf.


From Commander Bob's Boating Safety Handbook, www.commanderbob.com

Grant Activity Article
by Janice Kromer

On October 31, The Charleston Power Squadron submitted its application to Boat/US® for a Grass Roots grant. As you may be aware, our squadron has been asked to provide training to Fire, Police and EMS Departments on responding to emergencies and fires on our waters. Completing the application was the culmination of many weeks of planning by the First Responders Committee.

Special thanks to the Ken Beeber, Mike King, Steve Kromer, Vince Lombardo and Cat and Steve Yeoman's for their contributions to this project. Steve Kromer will be doing the course on Navigation, and Ken Beeber has volunteered to put together our presentation on Boat Handling and Basic Equipment. We still need volunteers for Navigating in Limited Visibility Conditions, and
Responding to Boat Fires - so please let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at 821-1861 or jkromer@tariffs.com.

The announcement of winners of the grants will be made sometime in late December. Take my word for it - you'll all hear if we get one of the grants! But remember, the squadron is committed to this program, and we will be going ahead with it even if we don't get any funding from Boat/US. If that's the case, we'll be asking for many, many more volunteers. We'll keep you posted as to the direction we are taking.

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