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From the Commander
Cdr Vince Lombardo, P

Greetings to everyone!

I hope each and every member of our great squadron had a joyful holiday season and is looking forward to a prosperous and happy new year.

For anybody who did not make it to the December Christmas Party, you missed a wonderful time. The array of food that was brought made for a really good meal and lots of fun was had during the gift exchange. Except for Tony trying to dismantle the Christmas tree, everything seemed to come off without a hitch. It was fun to watch the usual "Who's going to end up with what gift?" after the "Do I keep this or swap it for something else?" decisions were made. Big thanks to everyone who came to the party, helped set up, ran the bar, brought food, etc. I think Loretta did a fine job making the arrangements and with the participation of all the members who came, this was a great function. Special thanks to everyone for staying and helping with cleaning up, it was done in record time and ended the evening on a nice note.

Loretta and I, Cindy and Ed Kridler, Marge Schulte and Vic Schwartz attended the USPS Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fl. This was a first for Loretta and me and we found it to be a great experience. At first it is a little overwhelming to try to decide which meetings/discussions to attend. You simply can't make it to all of them. Once those decisions were made, a lot of good to know and interesting information was learned.

Good News!!! The proposal for Headquarters Centralized Annual Billing was rather resoundingly Defeated! A 2/3 vote was needed to pass the issue. The roughly 55% to 45% vote against the proposal should have sent a good message to National in reference to how the Squadrons feel about maintaining independent control of their finances. Other dues collection/payment options, at the local level, are available and will be discussed at a meeting. Our Treasurer had some good information about this from the Treasurer's Meeting.

There will be some changes in the VSC Inspection decal this year. Since USPS and the Coast Guard Auxiliary are working under an equal partnership with the Memorandum of Understanding in reference to VSC, the decal will no longer indicate which organization did the inspection and the serial number will also be eliminated as a printing cost- saving measure. The decal will still have the logos of both organizations and the cost saving can be applied elsewhere in the program. Accounting for decals issued can still be accomplished by comparing the number of inspection forms turned in to decals issued.

I am certain that Ed and Loretta will have more information to pass on either in this publication or at the regular meeting.

It may just be me, but we had a great time at the dinner-dance on Saturday night. The dinner was simply delicious. The fillets we ate were among the very best I have ever had. The entertainment was super and it was music I knew. We enjoyed a wonderful social atmosphere and camaraderie with people from all over USPS and at all levels. I want to thank all of the membership for putting me in a position to have attended this function, it is a memory I will think of fondly in years to come. Thank you again for your support and trust!

Simply super things are going on and being planned in all departments of our Squadron. I won't steal anybody's thunder, but our Executive, Administrative and Educational Departments along with their Committees are setting up a year nobody should miss. If you don't/can't find something this coming year to do or enjoy or become involved in, then you are not looking. Come to a meeting and see what Charleston Power Squadron can be in your life.

Looking forward to seeing everybody soon.


Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, P

elcome back from the holidays.

First and foremost, the results are in for several courses. Each of the members listed below has successfully completed the courses listed. Engine Maintenance: Pam Hicks, Jim McClary, Sr., Steve Whitlock, Allison Ryan, David Coleman, and Kirk Williams. Seamanship: Bill Davis and Janice Kromer

In February the squadron is running two public Boating courses. The first will be 1 and 8 February at the Creek Club in Mt. Pleasant's I'On community. The club requested this course, so we added an additional class. The one already scheduled for 15 and 22 February will also be at a new location, the Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Charleston.

Spring classes for Advanced Grades and Electives started on 13 January 2003. Since this article was due before the classes actually started, I will let you know next month what happened.

For the coming year, Mike Hamme will handle the Advanced Grades and Elective courses and I will handle the public Boating classes. Mike and I think this is a good idea since he knows something and I don't.

We have started posting the education schedule on the squadron web site. We intend to keep this schedule current and to show all classes planned a year in advance. Squadron members can access this schedule by going to: www.usps.org/localusps/cps. And click on the banner that says: "Course Schedule For 2003"

In addition, when we make major changes to the schedule we will continue sending a printed copy with The Palmetto Log.

Ok, so here's my latest boat story. Janice and I took No Sense on a little trip south right after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we were traveling during a period of spring tides, which means we had some really low tides. The leg from Beaufort to Savannah was the worst of them. There were boats aground all over the place and those that were still floating were, at times, literally bumping along the bottom.

Anyhow, as we rounded Dufuskie Island there was a sailboat aground right at one of the channel markers. She called on the radio and asked if we would put out a big wake when we passed to see if we could lift them off. No problem for No Sense. So I push up those big diesels to max power and proceed to go by at maybe 8 knots (hey, it ain't the Starship Enterprise). As we are going by the captain on the sailboat is pointing with one hand and wind milling his other arm. We go by the sailboat and head in the direction he is pointing.

About 10 seconds later we came to an abrupt halt. No big deal. Back her down. Take a look around. Figure out where the crab pots are and go where there not. Another halt. Hmmm! Back her down again. Take a look at the super duper computerized charting system and everything looks good. Check the crab pots again, look around some more, and find the opening we are looking for. Guess what? Same result. Back her down again. Scratched my head for a while and then finally decided to do this the old fashioned way, look at the paper charts. Since I could still see the marker it was no problem to find our position on the chart. After studying the chart for a while I realized we were almost 90 degrees from the heading we should have been on, and with that information we proceeded on our merry way.

Afterwards I started thinking about this whole episode for lessons learned. The first question is: what in world was the captain of the sailboat trying to tell me? Watch out for the shoal? Hurry up and get me off this shoal? I'm trying to dry my wet shirt? I don't know, but I assumed I did and went aground. The second thing, which I already knew but forgot while dealing with this situation, is that GPS is lousy at providing course/heading information when you are standing still or moving very slowly. So when I checked the super duper computerized navigation system, it had no idea which way was up, but I believed it anyway. Y'all know the USPS mantra: electronics are wonderful but sooner or later you are going to need to navigate using the paper charts. Amen. And then I kept hearing Fred Wichmann: "You ain't been around if you ain't been aground." Well I guess now I've been around, and been around, and been around.

Oh, by they way, for all I know the sail boat is still sitting in the mud since we did not put out enough wake to get him off.

More next month…



January was a busy month for this department. We have a number of programs in various planning stages, several of which you should all put on your calendars.

By the time the February issue of The Palmetto Log goes to press, the Charleston Boat Show at the North Charleston Convention Center will have closed. Many thanks to P/Lt/C Martin G. Gipe, SN, for managing our squadron booth at the show, and thanks to all of our members who worked in the booth.

The South Carolina In-Water Boat Show will take place at Brittlebank Park, 11 - 13 April. We plan to have a booth at this show. Please contact Martin to volunteer to help with our booth. Remember, those who sign up early get first choice of the best time slots. We can use your help to spread the word about CPS and USPS.

Our condolences to Martin Gipe. His mother recently passed away. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Martin.

P/C James W. "Mike" Page, P is chairing our Cooperative Charting Committee. His assistant chairman is Stephen Cofer-Shaica. They are planning several very exciting activities in the upcoming year, both on the water and on land. First, we will be holding a Cooperative Charting Seminar at our Headquarters Building on 8 March. The time and details will be included in the March The Palmetto Log. The seminar will include information on both geodetic marker recovery and nautical chart features. We will have at least one expert from outside our squadron as well as Mike and Stephen making presentations. Cooperative charting is one of our major civic service programs. We would appreciate having a "standing room only" attendance. I think you will really enjoy the program.

The Hornick Cruise is scheduled for 29 March. Mike and Stephen are planning a short geodetic marker recovery effort the morning of the cruise. More information will be in the March The Palmetto Log. Please join in, its fun.

Lt Wendy Walsh, AP, is our Public Relations Officer. She has been working hard in distributing information on our boating courses to local marine dealers. We are asking the dealers to include this information, including a local contact, in the packet of information given to boat purchasers. We are also placing packets of this information in several marine businesses in the area. Wendy could use some help with this effort. If you would like to work with her, please give her a call, or let me know. Getting information about CPS and USPS to the public is an important issue, and a big job.

P/C Anthony Ward, AP, Vessel Safety Check Committee Chairman, is actively recruiting vessel safety checkers. Certification is not difficult. This program is another of our civil service projects, and helps make our waterways safer for all of us.

In closing, please don't be embarrassed to volunteer to help with any of our squadron's programs. We are active in many areas, so there is a program that should interest any of our members. If you haven't heard of anything you would like to involve yourself with in any of our departments, please contact any of our bridge members. We can help you get started with developing a program in which you would be interested; we can put anyone to work doing something productive.


Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, P

i, everyone!

First of all, Congratulations to Joey & Janet Beckett!!! Riley Brock Beckett was born just before Thanksgiving!! More details are forthcoming!

The February Membership Meeting will take place at the Omar Shrine Temple on Thursday, 13 February 2003. Social Time is at 1830. Dinner will begin at 1900. The cost for the dinner will be $12.00 per person. The guest speaker this month will expound upon the Cape Romain Lighthouse and the town of McClellanville. Come and have a great time!!

Due to past situations, there is a slight change to the charges for the Dinner Meetings for this year. There will be a deadline posted for every meeting in the "Log." Those people who make reservations will pay the published price. Barring an emergency, people who made reservations will still be required to pay for the dinner if they do not attend. Also, those people who attend the dinner without making reservations will pay an added surcharge of $3.00 per person.

The February Cruise will be to the Cape Romain Lighthouse outside of McClellanville Friday, 21 February, through Sunday, 23 February 2003. Accommodations for dock slips can be made with Leland Marina. There will be a "potluck" on the dock & different boats on Friday evening. Boats will be departing Saturday morning for the tour of the Cape Romain Lighthouse. After returning to dock, there is free time to explore the beautiful town of McClellanville. An Oyster Roast is scheduled for that Saturday evening at The Crab Pot Restaurant. Sunday morning, people will leave at their own pace to return to homeport. More details are printed elsewhere in this "Log" by Lt Joyce Wichmann, the Cruise Captain. This cruise has been a tremendous "memory maker" for members in years past. You need to attend just to experience the true spirit of camaraderie within the Charleston Power Squadron.

As I will most likely be out of commission for a few weeks in February, Lt John VanWay will be my "stand-in" for the meetings. To make reservations for the February Membership Meeting, please contact John at (843) 849-7130 or via e-mail at jwvan02@aol.com with your reservations prior to Monday, 10 February 2003, as a headcount is required for this meal. Please contact Lt Joyce Wichmann at (843) 795-9172, at (843) 795-2100, or via e-mail at jwich@knology.net to attend the Cape Romain Lighthouse tour, as well as to make reservations for the Oyster Roast that evening at The Crab Pot Restaurant prior to Tuesday, 18 February 2003 (unless stated otherwise within her article in this "Log").

If you would like to help with Meetings, Cruises, Speakers, Membership, Set-up, anything involved with the Administrative Department, please let me know. I can be reached at home at (843) 869-7808, or via e-mail at cfyedisto@aol.com.

Lt/C Robert A. Gulbransen, S

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed a great Holiday Season with friends and family. Things have been a little slow for our Squadron over the December time period, but now we look forward to another wonderful boating season.

If you have not been involved in the Cooper River oil spill consider yourself lucky. Those that have understand from where I speak. It's been three months now and boats are beginning to reappear on the river. Over 150 boats had contamination from the 2,500- gallon oil spill and have been towed to various Charleston area boatyards. Although it was slow in coming, I'm happy to report that the Evergreen Shipping Company has been there to compensate the oil soaked mariners. They have been very accommodating in their efforts to accept the responsibility to the boating community.

As of December boats began showing back up in their slips on the Cooper River. This is not to say that everything is ship shape again but we are moving in the right direction. The number of boats and the amount of work still over taxes area boatyards. If you are considering having some work done to your boat, I might suggest that you contact your boatyard as to when they will be able to do your work. Things are still backed up due to the number of boats that came to them all at one time. Evergreen continues to work with the area boaters and service providers to put things back to normal or better. Even though it's been a long empty fall sailing season, I look forward to seeing you fellow boaters back out on the water again soon.

Work continues on the mailing list updates for the 2003 Squadron Directory with the help of Lt John VanWay. I hope to have something published very soon.


Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, 5 December 2002

Cdr. Vince Lombardo called the meeting to order at 1930 at the Headquarters Building. Those in attendance were: 1st/Lt Corrin Marinko, Lt Dick Finn, Lt/C Loretta Lombardo, Cdr Vince Lombardo, P/C Hil Winters, Wendy Walsh, Lt Nelson Hicks, Lt/C Ed Kridler, P/Lt/C Cynthia Kridler, PC Billy Lynes, P/Lt/C Martin Gipe, P/C Harry Gindhart, Lt John VanWay, Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, Caitlyn Yeomans, Lt Terry Marinko, P/C Dave O'Hanian, P/D/C Ken Beeber, Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen.

The minutes of the previous Executive Committee were accepted. A quorum was established.

Educational: Per Lt Mike Hamme: The training class schedule is now in place for the 2003 season, it is a very busy schedule. There will be 3 series of advanced grade classes being held in the upcoming year.

Executive: Per Lt/R/C Edwin Kridler: The boat show at North Charleston Coliseum is scheduled for 30 January through 2 February 2003. We are making arrangements to have a booth at the show. P/Lt/C Martin Gipe will be seeking help to man our booth. Tentative plans set for 15 February as a cooperative charting workshop. Also planning a geodetic marker hunt in conjunction with the Hornick Cruise in March. The Charleston Cruising Club has been invited to join us at the Hornick Cruise.

Nation Safe Boating Week is scheduled for 17 - 23 May 2003.The theme for 2003 campaign is "BOAT SMART.BOAT SAFE.WEAR IT!" The wear it refers to life preservers. As part of our public relations campaign, we plan to distribute the USPS "Boating Course Brochures" to boat dealer in the area. Also asking marine stores to allow us to have the brochures available for the public.

Administrative: Per Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans: The 9th of January members meeting will be held at Squadron Headquarters. The Cape Romain Cruise will be February 21 -23 2003. A cruise survey is being circulated and we ask that everyone take the time to fill it out and send it in to David Walsh. Operations training course is being scheduled for January.

Treasurer: Per Lt/C Lorette Lombardo: Last report for 2002, Total cash assets $10,340.77 Building fund $3279.17. Our Headquarters Building insurance has gone up again for this year; the question was raised, "do we want to shop around for a possible lower rate" with another company?

Secretary: Per Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen: The Charleston Power Squadron portion of the District 26 Roster has been completed and submitted to D/Lt/C Richard Erler. The local Charleston Power Squadron member's directory is in the final stages and should be completed by the next ExCom. Meeting.

Commander: Per Cdr Vince Lombardo: Stated he will be unavailable for the January 10th get to know your Bridge meeting, he will be out of town. Vince has completed a letter to National Organization about them controlling the collection of due and assignment of funds. This letter was accepted by the members at this ExCom. Meeting and will be delivered to the proper offices as soon as possible. The letter states our opposition to National controlling the money of the local squadrons.

Old Business: Lt John VanWay asked that everyone please fill out there Cruise survey forms and return them to Lt David Walsh. No matter if you have an interest in the cruises or not, they still need your feedback.

P/Lt/C Cynthia Kridler advised that the squadron bylaws are closer to being accepted.

New Business: Lt/C Loretta Lombardo reminded everyone to bring a gift for exchange to the Christmas party, value between $10.00 to $15.00.

Cdr Vince Lombardo stated that Lt/C Ed Kridler will be attending the National Conference and will submit the Teaching Aids. Vince, Loretta, Cindy, Ed and Steve Yoemans intend to attend the National Conference in Orlando.

Lt Nelson Hicks asked that all information for the February Palmetto Log be to him in on or before the 11th of January as he will be out of town after that.

The meeting adjourned at 2010.

Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, 9 January 2003

Lt/C. Ed Kridler called the meeting to order at 1804 at the Headquarters Building. A quorum was established. Those in attendance were: Lt/C Steve Kromer, Janice Kromer, Lt/C Loretta Lombardo, Lt Nelson Hicks, Lt/C Ed Kridler, PC Billy Lynes, Lt John VanWay, Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen, .Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, Lt Mike Hamme, Lt Terry Marinko, P/D/Lt/C James Page.

Educational: Per Lt/C Steve Kromer: There are two Boat Smart Courses set up for the month of February, the first to be held at Ion community and the second will be at 2nd Presbyterian Church of Charleston.

Executive: Per Lt/R/C Edwin Kridler: The Charleston Boat Show will be held at the North Charleston Convention Center January 30 - February 2. CPS will share a booth with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. A Cooperative Charting seminar will be held at the Squadron Building on the 8th of March. Public Relations, we plan to ask marine dealer to include information on the Boating Course and the Boat Smart Course. This information will include a contact point for the CPS courses.

Administrative: Per Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans & Lt John VanWay: Cruising interest survey has been completed. The 2003 Cruise schedule is still in the tentative stages but should be refined and published shortly. We are looking at some possible beach sweep and, or beach repair cruises.

Treasurer: Per Lt/C Lorette Lombardo: We remain solvent. It looks as if we may be loosing the Church group that rents our headquarters in the near future.

Secretary: Per Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen: Work continues on the 2003 Members Directory, with the help of Lt John VanWay it looks as if we should have it in print by the next squadron meeting.

Commander: CDR Vince Lombardo: Was not in attendance due to a prior commitment.

Old Business: Janice Kromer said that we had not been awarded the grant that we were seeking for the educational department.

New Business: Lt John VanWay suggested that we look into the problem of lighting on the driveway side of the headquarters building. The suggestion to add a motion detector light for the safety of our members was posed. Lt/C Ed Kridler motioned that the problem be turned over to the building committee, and P/C Steve Yeomans would be looking into the suggestion.

The meeting adjourned at 1842.

Lt Kirk Williams


o Always look for the Coast Guard approval number on any PFD you purchase.
o Try on your PFD to see if it fits comfortably snug. Then test it in shallow water to see how it handles. To check the buoyancy of your PFD in the water, relax your body and let your head tilt back. Your PFD should keep your chin above water, and you should be able to breathe easily.
o PFDs on athletic builds will rarely "ride up" when in the water. But if your mid-section is bigger than your chest, you may find that your PFD tends to float up under your chin. If this is the case, make sure this condition does not compromise the performance of the PFD, and if it does, look for a model or size that does not.
o Be aware that your PFD may not act the same in swift or rough water as it does in calm water.
o Never alter your PFD. If yours doesn't fit, get one that does.
o Don't put heavy objects on your PFD or use it for a kneeling pad or boat fender. PFDs lose buoyancy when crushed.
o Assign life jackets to each passenger, and make sure they fit, the straps are secure and adjusted properly, and are readily accessible to that person should the need arise. Do this before you depart. It's too late when you're in the water.
o Coast Guard approved inflatable PFDs are only approved for use by those over 16 years of age, and are not recommended for non-swimmers. They are not approved for personnel watercraft operation, either.
o Having CG approved PFDs aboard for each passenger isn't enough. They should be the right size for those passengers, and must be "readily accessible". That means they should be within easy reach of you and your passengers so they can be donned in a hurry should an emergency arise. We've seen too many life jackets still sealed in plastic, tucked nicely out of sight in some obscure compartment or locker. Get them out in the open and within reach!
o Check your PFDs frequently for grease or rot. Pull on the straps with force, and if the strap tears off or pulls a seam, consider yourself lucky that it did it in your hands rather than on the torso of your son or daughter. Check your PFD for rips, tears or holes, mildew, shrinkage, or water logging.
o There's no excuse for not having life jackets on small children when boating. They can't make those decisions for themselves, and depend on you for their safety. Little kids can be over the side in a heart beat, so fit them out with a PFD, and remind them that the Coast Guard guys wouldn't think of going out on the water without them on. They'll think that's cool.
o Teach your children how to relax their arms and legs in the water, so that if they fall in, the PFD will keep them afloat in a "face up" position. If a child panics when they take a sudden fall into the water, they'll thrash around. In those cases, a PFD may not keep them face up.
o When retrieving someone from the water, tie a length of polypropylene line to your type IV throwable PFD. For one thing, someone in the water who is a little stressed anyway will feel more confident knowing you're at the end of a line with him or her at the other end. Secondly, if you throw it to someone and MISS, you can quickly retrieve the device and try again.
o Choose life jackets with bright colors, preferably orange or red. If your child wants a black one with Barney on it and promises to wear it, that's still better than having none. But if you boat in conditions where someone may need to see you in the water, you'll want to be as visible as possible.
o PFDs that are labeled as "Type V" must be worn to be counted toward the minimum PFD onboard requirements.
o Some state require that PFDs be worn while aboard the vessel, and those laws are usually age-specific. Be sure and check with YOUR local agencies to make sure you're operating your boat within those regulations.

From Commander Bob's Boating Safety Handbook, www.commanderbob.com

Grant Activity Article
by Janice Kromer

Disappointing news everyone - The Charleston Power Squadron's First Responders Project was not selected as a grant recipient. Apparently, BOAT US is more interested in projects that advertise the organization rather than provide a service. In addition, I was told that although grants of up to $5,000 are awarded, BOAT US prefers to give several organization smaller grants than a large grant to one organization. (We had requested $4,800). But we are still committed to training the area's First Responders. To accomplish this, we need volunteers to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and an oral presentation on: Water Rescue, Navigation in Limited Visibility Conditions, and Fighting Fires on Boats. Volunteers, please contact me at 821-1861 or jkromer@tariffs.com. And again, thank you to the entire committee for all of their hard work.



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