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From the Commander
Cdr William (Billy) H. Lynes, AP

As I am writing this, the tragic events of 11 September are on my mind. The President of the United States has said that America is being tested and that we will pass the test. He has no crystal ball to predict the future yet makes this statement with all the confidence in the world. Because, I believe, he has confidence in the American people, confidence in our elected officials, our community leaders and our Armed Forces.

In this fast paced world things can certainly change quickly. Unfortunately, some of these fast changes are tragic. I share the President's confidence in our people because I have experienced what our members can do when taking life's test. The United States Power Squadrons have traditionally been at the ready to help with civic service. Civic service is one side of our USPS triangle. For a local example of civic service leadership, review our squadron year and how our members have met every challenge. Yes, we have passed the test.

I have no crystal ball to predict the future but I will say with all the confidence in the world that if you participate in some of this month's District 26 family oriented activities hosted by Charleston Power Squadron you will see some of our future leaders. And these future leaders will be tested also. And they will pass the test. This I know. God bless America.

Lt/C Steve Rawe, N

The squadron educational courses for this fall have commenced. Dick Finn, AP has his usual strong contingent of members participating in the Engine Maintenance course. This continues to be the squadron's most popular course. P/C Harry Gindhart, SN has assumed John Van Way's, SN mentorship for the very popular Piloting course. John has done an outstanding job in the past and is now the editor of The Palmetto Log.

R/C Ed Kridler, SN continues to provide excellent instruction for Junior Navigation. His current class of squadron members is the highest in recent memory. Steve Brueske continues to teach one of the most difficult of the elective courses, Weather. Each year the enrollment in his class increases.

For the first time in three years an Advanced Piloting course is being taught in the fall. P/D/C Ken Beeber, SN has returned to a very active role in our educational courses after devoting many successful years in our district leadership. As you will recall, Glenn Workman, SN unselfishly agreed to teach the AP course in the spring to provide continuity for those members who had successfully completed the fall Piloting course. Glenn will continue to teach this course in the spring. Mike King, AP is instructing a cadre of new squadron members in the Seamanship course. His instruction is very practical and highly enjoyable. No doubt that this is the result of many years of actual marine experience and not those of an armchair admiral.

For the year of 2000-2001, the following squadron members have devoted countless hours in the preparation and instruction of our educational courses: Lt John Patten, SN; P/C Mike Page, P; Lt Mike King, AP; Lt Glenn Workman, SN; RC Ed Kridler, SN; Lt/C Steve Rawe, SN; Richard Finn, AP; Steve Brueske; Gene Gilfillin, SN; P/C Peggy Bauer, AP; Lt John VanWay, SN; and Bob Lovinger. Most of these courses have a duration of instruction of 5 weeks or more and up to 2 hours at each session. This does not include the extra hours that are provided outside the classroom for individual tutoring. The JN and N courses are interminable.

The Charleston Power Squadron has always been fortunate in having members who provide outstanding instructorship and give freely of their time. There is simply no way to truly calculate the number of hours that are given in this endeavor. This list will serve as the nominees for merit marks for the year 2000-2001. If I have unintentionally omitted any squadron member from this list, please contact me. Assistant SEO, Carol Pelow, AP will submit another list of those members who participated in the Boating and Boat Smart Courses. Not surprisingly, many of the above listed members devoted their time to these courses as well.


EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lt/C J. Stephen Yeomans, P


Lt/C Vince Lombardo, P



Picture a crisp fall morning on the water. Your mission is to assist NOAA by reporting changes observed in the area assigned to CPS for the Adopt-a-Chart program. You have a lot to look forward to today: You and your fellow mariners will take soundings, observe charted and uncharted objects that would help guide other sailors, and note any hazards to navigation in our waterways. Later, you will be debriefed for the preparation of reports to NOAA of your findings. In the evening, you and your family will go to James Island for steamed shrimp and oysters with all the fixin's. Bring your own choice beverage. There will be ice and mixers available at the soiree. Sound enticing? Simply sign up to participate in this year's cooperative charting outing. Call Mike Page at 762-7576 to let me know you will be joining us.

There are already five boats committed to the outing with three others considering. I expect there will be ten to twelve boats overall. Each craft will need a crew of at least three and preferably four or five to handle soundings. Squadron members and friends who are not captains will be assigned to boats as coop charting crewmembers.

There will be a brief captains' meeting at headquarters on Friday evening, 16 November 2001. Each captain and crew will be given a chart section and an assignment for the next day's charting. Final boat assignments will be arranged for crewmembers and a rendezvous point will be chosen for getting together on the water the following day.

This is a particularly good opportunity for new members to see the squadron actively carrying out its community service commitment. It is also your opportunity to obtain a merit mark recommendation from our Squadron Commander. Now for the kicker! It's just plain fun to work as a team on the water in a cooperative charting expedition.

Lt/C "Cat" Yeomans, P

P/C John L. Sikes, AP



Jane Oberstein

Our meeting on 11 October will be held at the clubhouse and feature a Harvest Pot Luck dinner (think comfort food - baked beans, pumpkin pie, autumn squash...). This time we'll ask you to bring an item as follows: If your last name begins with A - F, please bring a starch item (maybe twice baked potatoes, stuffing); G-L a dessert, M-R vegetable, S-Z salad (cranberry would be good with turkey). We're going to have roast turkey as the centerpiece of the meal and will ask that you contribute $5.00 to cover costs. If you choose to come without a food item, plan to spend $8.00 per person.

Our program will be a talk by the local TV weatherman, Bill Walsh. Due to his time constraints, we need to begin to eat promptly at 1900 and will listen to Bill as we chew. We are confident he'll be a lively and interesting speaker.

R/C Ed Kridler, SN


The 2001 Fall Governing Board Meeting and related activities were held in Little Rock 7-10 September, with the meeting itself held on 9 September.

There were a number of revisions to the USPS Bylaws approved by the GB, including:

-Squadrons and Districts may now elect as Assistant Administrative Officer, if desired, to serve with the rank of first lieutenant or district first lieutenant.

-Departmental committees established by the GB are now authorized to have one or more assistants to the committee chairman, each serving with the rank of staff commander.

As you are probably aware, the various departments of USPS are in the process of reorganizing. An announcement of the reorganized structure of the Educational Department was made at both the Open Department Meeting and the GB Meeting. There will be 10 committees in the Department compared to the present 17 committees. The major goals of the reorganization are to improve efficiency, improve communications, and simplify departmental management.

America's Boating Course, a basic boating safety course prepared jointly by USPS and the Coast Guard Auxiliary, is being distributed. The course manual comes wrapped and includes a CD with material complementing the manual. This is the course that is available on-line. Squadrons and Flotillas will have the opportunity of giving course exams and collecting a fee for so doing. The successful completion of a proctored exam in this course meets the requirements for USPS membership. Each SEO will be receiving a copy of the course.

We all witnessed a sad series of events on 11 September. Our hearts go out to those who were injured or who lost loved ones on that tragic day. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!



In accordance with Squadron Bylaws, Article XI, Nominations, Elections and Voting, the Squadron Nominating Committee places in nomination the following members for the Year 2001-2002. If elected, they will serve until the Change of Watch in the fall of 2002.

 Squadron Commander Cdr Steven J. Yeomans, P
 Executive Officer  Lt/C J. Vincent Lombardo, S
 Educational Officer  Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, AP
Administrative Officer Lt/C Harold Lee Mims III
 Secretary  Lt/C Charlotte F. Yeomans, P
 Treasurer  Lt/C Loretta Lombardo
 Assistant Squadron Educational Officer  lst/Lt John H. Patten, SN
 Assistant Secretary  1st/Lt Barbara B. Weaver, AP
 Assistant Treasurer  1st/Lt Michael Lampkins, S
 Members of the Executive Committee  Lt John VanWay, SN
Lt Mike King, AP
P/C William "Billy" Lynes, AP
Lt Richard Finn, AP
 Members of the Rules Committee  1 Yr* Lt Terry Marinko, AP Chair
2 Yr* Lt. Martin Gipe, SN
3 Yr P/C David O'Hanian, SN
 Members of the Audit Committee  1 Yr* Lt Terry Marinko, AP Chair
2 Yr* Lt Larry Lantz, P
3 Yr Lt Cindy Kridler, AP
 Members of the Housing Committee  1 Yr* Lt Alice Harp, P Chair
2 Yr* Lt Stephen Kromer, AP
3 Yr Lt Becky Boyd
 Members of the Nominating Committee  1 Yr* P/C Merellene Ward, JN Chair
2 Yr* P/C Tony Ward, AP
3 Yr To be nominated from the floor

Additionally, in accordance with Article XI, other nominations may be made by written petition, signed by at least five (5) Active Members in good standing, and filed with the Secretary at least fifteen (15) days before the date of the election at the Annual Meeting on 11 November 2001. (* Indicates carry-over from previous election of multiple years and does not require election.)

P/C Merellene Ward, JN
P/C Tony Ward, AP


125 Riverland Drive-James Island
Saturday-27 October-1700

Fires will be lit off, starting at l700 (5pm) or two bells. Knives will be allowed but no firearms except for emergency flare pistols. Women and children are welcome. All attractive ladies under the age of seventy will be requested to wear bikinis, and no gnats or mosquitoes are allowed. Gentlemen are expected to wear suitable attire, however no neckties will be tolerated, and men with unsightly legs will be requested to keep them covered at all times. Loose dogs will be thrown overboard as will any rowdy guests, unless they are heavily armed.

For those unfortunate souls not able to enjoy OYSTERS there will be hot dogs (not the four-legged variety) and hamburgers cooked on the old grill outside, or in the garage in case of rain. The squadron will have the usual cash bar on hand, and the cost per person, children excluded, will be $5.00.

There is a handy rest facility in the rear of the garage for men and boys, however in the event of crowding you always go in the bushes. Ladies will be allowed in the house, either in the library or upstairs on the second floor. In the event of crowding there is another facility on the third floor where a shower may be utilized as necessary, especially if you've been bogging around in the mud. Boats may tie up at the dock on a first come first served basis with rates very reasonable, however any vessel scratching or denting the MOBJACK will be severely fined and boating privileges will be restricted to the bath-tub.

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