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From the Commander
Cdr Vince Lombardo, P


How many of you have not been to a Membership Meeting? How many have not been to an Executive Meeting (you do know that anybody can come to them, right?). How many have not been to a Cruise, Raft-up, Rendezvous or other Squadron function?

If you haven't done at least one of these things, you are missing a lot of what USPS is all about. The Educational part is very important, but, what about expanding your horizons a little and try meeting your fellow Squadron members. You may even make a friend.

Don't forget about the trip to the Coast Guard Cutter Oak on 11 September (This has changed to the Coast Guard Base. See details below and a different cutter). For those of you who haven't been to an outing, this would be a great first time and for those of us who try to go to as many as possible, this is going to be fun and maybe even bring back some memories (see details elsewhere in this issue).

What can be said about our trip to Dataw Island? What a great time!!! Large thanks are owed to everybody who had a hand in making the arrangements for the day, reserving the pavilion, bringing food and drinks and in general for showing up to share the camaraderie of the day. Beaufort, thanks for having us and to all who showed up, thanks again for a very successful day.

Refer back to paragraph one --- you can be part of this, we want you to be part of these memories and to make these memories and times of fun part of yourself.

Come out and see what it's really all about!!

See you next month,


Dataw Island Cruise A Great Success

The CPS held its August Cruise at the Dataw Marina on 2 August and the Beaufort Squadron was invited. The event was a great success! A total of five boats showed up (four by water and one by trailer). We had eighteen members from CPS and twelve folks from the Beaufort Sail and Power Squadron. The hospitality shown us was top drawer and the interaction among those present was wonderful to watch. The facilities at the Dataw Marina were superb with a screened gazebo for our cookout. Elsewhere in this issue and on the web are pictures of the Dataw Cruise and you must see "Chef Le Squadron", David Walsh. David, thanks for being you.

Vince Lombardo

Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, P

e have completed the fall schedule of classes and a copy is enclosed with this issue of The Palmetto Log. As you can see, we are starting classes the week of 15 Sep 2003. If you have been thinking about taking a course, now is a good time. We are offering advanced grades in Seamanship, Piloting and Junior Navigation. For electives we are offering two of our most popular courses - Engine Maintenance and Weather in addition to Sail and Instructor Qualification.

All classes will be started at Headquarters this year. The start time will be 1830 (6:30 PM), at least for the first week. After that, each group can decide what is the best time for them to start. For those taking Weather after the first night, the class will meet at the NOAA Weather Service office at the airport. Also, Instructor Qualification will be off site at Peggy Bauer's house.

Unlike past years, this year we are requiring advanced registration and payment. Doing this will allow us to make sure that we have the materials we need on hand and to schedule the use of the rooms at Headquarters more efficiently. So please call me at 821-1861 or email me at skromer@tarriffs.com and tell me what you would like to take.

So why should you take a class? Well, in addition to becoming a better boater, how about a discount on your insurance. If you have USPS insurance they will give you a discount for taking classes. Seamanship, Piloting and Advanced Piloting each carry a 2.5% discount for successful completion. For electives, completing Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Weather, Sail, or Cruise Planning can each provide a 2.5% discount (up to a maximum of 7.5% or three courses). Finally, a full certificate carries an additional discount of 5%. The whole point here is that the discounts on the insurance can easily pay for the cost of taking the classes, and you will a better boater to boot. Not a bad deal!

Once you complete a course, fax the completion notification from National to the insurance folks (make sure your policy number is one the fax) at 205-581-9447. If you want a quote for USPS insurance or a brochure detailing this program, call 800-763-USPS, press option 2 and ask the nice people there to mail one.

There is one other insurance discount that you can get for doing something easy. Get your boat inspected. Pass the inspection and get a 3% discount. Easy as calling Tony Ward, Vince Lombardo, Mike King or any of the other Squadron members certified in Vessel Safety Check to schedule the inspection at your convenience. Once you get the certificate from them fax it to the same number as above.

So, let's get behind this fall's course schedule and sign up for one or more courses.

CPS Educational Course Offering For Fall 2003


EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, P

As the summer season draws to a close, we look towards a fresh course schedule for the fall. While you stow boats and gear for the brief Charleston non-boating season, why not enroll in one of our offered courses; if one is not found to your liking, please speak with Lt/C Steve Kromer, P about home-studying - there are plenty of people willing to help and tutor and give any tips needed to ace the courses available. There's always help available - Just ask…

Speaking of asking someone …various members of the Executive Committee or of its "sub-committees" will probably approach you in the coming months for your help. When we became members, Steve and I wanted to meet more people for attending boating activities; P/C Tony Ward, AP put us on the Phone Tree Committee as well as getting us to help with tending the squadron's bar - we definitely met many more people in a relatively short and very fun amount of time! All committees could always use more hands. There have been some complaints in the past in reference to the squadron not being all that people expected it to be after joining; if you are dissatisfied with what you have paid for, then let the people who can change something know - better yet, help them to change it so you know it's right!

If you are not approached to help - please ask. At times, people are not approached because it was thought that they were too busy for one reason or another. Usually, it's only an hour or two a month as long as there are enough hands on the committee.

Everyone who is interested in participating in a Saturday course on First Aid and CPS, please contact me. It will take place during the Fall/Winter months; the course will be all day with a lunch provided. More details will be forthcoming.

I still would like to start using the two CPS Booths constructed by P/D/C Ken Beeber, SN and Lt Dick Finn, AP last year at the various marine facilities in the Tri-County area. Would anyone interested in assisting with the transport, set-up/break-down, and manning of the booths please contact me? They would only be manned during peak times, but would need to be supplied with pamphlets from time to time and, also, transported from site to site and set-up.

Fore any more information on anything mentioned in this article, or anything else, please feel free to contact me at (843) 875-0510, or at cfyedisto@aol.com. Thank y'all!!


Lt/C Janice Kromer

As you may have already read, the Dataw Island Cruise was a huge success. Many thanks to Dave Walsh for setting up the rendezvous and acting as executive chef. Steve Kromer also made some great hamburgers, and as always, Loretta Lombardo was instrumental in setting up the barbecue. There was a large turnout from both our squadron and the Beaufort squadron, and the facilities at Dataw Island were first class. We would recommend this marina to anyone who wants a night away from Charleston.

We would like to welcome Dr. Christiane McNeal to the Charleston Power Squadron. Dr. McNeal lives in Charleston, and is interested in our educational courses. In fact, she has already signed up for the next session of Seamanship. We hope Chris becomes an active member in our cruises and social programs.

Our membership Chairlady, P/C Boo Ward,JN, will be resigning her position effective with our Change of Watch. If anyone is interested in serving the squadron in this very important function, please let me know. It's a great way to become active and meet new people - and also to earn a merit mark!

Please see elsewhere in The Palmetto Log details about our Thursday 11 September membership meeting at the USCG Cutter Oak (This has changed to the Coast Guard Base and a different cutter. See details below), our Saturday 20 September seminar about severe weather by Paul Yura at headquarters and the Saturday 4 October cocktail party with the Shallotte River Power Squadron at the Charleston Harbour Marina.

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, 9 October and we will be having a potluck dinner at Headquarters. The cost will be $5 per person, and each member is asked to bring a covered dish, salad or dessert. As usual, cocktails will be at 1830 with dinner to follow at 1900. Since we will have much business to attend to, we will not be having a speaker.

Hopefully by next month, we'll be able to give you the details of our Change of Watch, which will be 8 November 2003.

Lt/C Robert A. Gulbransen, S

Hello fellow members! Please mark this date on your calendar; 2 October 2003 at 1930 it's the Annual Squadron Business Meeting. The Meeting will be held at the Squadron Headquarters building.

It is also my pleasure to introduce your nominees for officers, for the 2003-2004 Squadron year. They are as follows.

 Squadron Commander  Lt/C Charlotte "Cat" Yeomans, P
Executive Officer  P/D/Lt/C Mike Page, P
 Administrative Officer  Lt/C Janice Kromer
 Secretary  Lt/C Bob Gullbranson, P
 Educational Officer  Lt/C Stephen C. Kromer, AP
 Treasurer  Lt/C Loretta Lombardo
 Assistant Educational Officer  1 st/Lt Mike Hamme, P
 Assistant Secretary  1 st/Lt David E. Walsh, P
 Assistant Treasurer  1 st/Lt Corrin Marinko, JN
 Members of the Executive Committee  P/C Vince Lombardo, S
   Lt Dick Finn, AP
   Lt William "Terry" Marinko, P
   Lt John Van Way, SN
   Lt David E. Walsh, P
 Members of the Rules Committee  1 Yr* PIC Daivd O'Hanian, SN Chair
   2 Yr * Bob Dodgens
   3 Yr* P/C Steve Yeomans
 Members of the Audit Committee  1 Yr* Lt Cindy Kridler, AP Chair
   2 Yr* PIC David O'Hanian, SN
   3 Yr* Larry Lanz
 Members of the Housing Committee  1 Yr* P/C Steven J. Yeomans, P Chair
   2 Yr* Pam Hicks
 3 Yr* Steve Kromer
 Members of the Nominating Committee  1 Yr* P/C Billy Lynes, AP Chair
   2 Yr * P/C Steven J. Yeomans, P
   3 Yr To be nominated from the floor

In accordance with Squadron Bylaws, Article XI, Nominations, Elections and Voting, the Squadron Nominating Committee placed in nomination the above members. If elected they will serve until the Change of Watch in fall 2004.

So please plan to attend the 2 October 2003 Annual Squadron Business Meeting. The meting will be held at 1930 at the Squadron Headquarters building.


Lt Kirk Williams

Getting Help on the Water

On the water, minor problems can rapidly develop into a situation beyond your control. For this reason, let someone know even when you are experiencing relatively minor difficulties, before your situation turns into an emergency.

The Coast Guard serves as Search and Rescue (SAR) coordinator for all maritime emergencies and is the appropriate point of contact whenever you are concerned for your safety. If you are in distress (distress is defined as a situation where you or your boat are threatened by grave or imminent danger requiring assistance), the Coast Guard will take immediate steps to help you. Normally, Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary rescue boats and/or aircraft will be sent, but assistance from any available source will be arranged to expedite your rescue.

How To Signal For Help
If you are in distress use "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY" on the radio. If your situation is not a distress, simply call "Coast Guard." Channel 16 VHF/FM and 2182khz HF/SSB are dedicated distress and calling frequencies we monitor at all times. Citizen's Band (CB) is not dependable and is not monitored at most Coast Guard stations. If you do not have a radio, attempt to signal a fellow boater who can assist or call the Coast Guard for you. In a distress situation, use flares or any other distress signaling device to catch the attention of another boater
What To Tell The Coast Guard
While arranging help, we will ask for the following:
Your location or position.
Exact nature of the problem (special problems).
Number of people on board.
Your boat name, registration and description.
Safety equipment on board.

When It's Not A Distress
The Coast Guard's primary search and rescue role is to assist boaters in distress. If you are not in distress and alternate sources of assistance are available, we will normally coordinate the effort to assist you. If you have a friend, marina, or commercial firm that you want contacted, we will attempt to do so. You may also contact them directly on Channel 16 VHF/FM or cell phone.

If this effort is unsuccessful, we will make a Marine Assistance Request Broadcast (MARB) on your behalf. This announces that you need help, gives your location, and invites others to come to your aid.
If you do not accept services offered in response to the first MARB, we will:
Provide information on other commercial firms, if available, so you may contact them directly, or
If you request, make a second MARB to see if any other help is available.

Who Will Answer Your Call When You're Not In Distress?
A Commercial firm may offer help. In order not to interfere with commercial enterprise (you will have to pay for these services), we normally do not provide direct on-scene assistance if a commercial firm is available to help you safely in a reasonable time. If you agree to the assistance of a commercial firm and then refuse this service when it arrives, you still may be legally obligated to pay a fee.

If the Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary arrives to assist you and you require a tow, they normally will tow you to the nearest location where you can either arrange for repairs or a tow back to your homeport.

In addition to Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary and commercial firms, others that may be available to assist you include a fellow boater, local fire or police department, or another public agency. Keep in mind that a Good Samaritan, although well meaning, may not have the equipment or skills needed to help you safely and effectively.

When To Call Back
Keep in contact with the Coast Guard at regular intervals. Call us when help arrives. If someone offers help but cannot get to you within a reasonable time, usually not to exceed one hour, contact the Coast Guard to arrange other assistance. We also need to know if conditions change sufficiently to cause alarm. For example:
A medical emergency develops.
A storm approaches.
You begin to take on water.
Your last reported position changes.

Tips On Non-Distress Assistance
Unless you are familiar with the person(s) offering you help, clearly understand the type and quality of the assistance offered before accepting help or entering into a contract. Consider the following before accepting any assistance:
Large physical stresses can occur in towing and salvage operations, risking damage to one or both boats, and personal injury.
Does the provider have the proper equipment to handle your problem safely?
Does the provider have the proper insurance to protect you and your vessel if he/she should cause damage or injury?
Can the crew handle the situation safely, given the conditions and the nature of the problem?
If a fee is being asked, does the operator have a Coast Guard license? All operators must have a license if they charge for towing services.

From the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Education Branch

Commander Bob's Boating Safety Handbook, www.commanderbob.com/

Charleston Power Squadron September Membership Meeting

Rescheduled for 1800 Thursday 11 September 2003. We will be meeting at the United States Coast Guard Baseat 196 tradd street. We will have a short meeting, then we will tour either the ANVIL or the YELLOW FINN. Both are Cutters
For anyone that wants to come along, we will be going to a restaurant downtown for dinner after the tour. If you haven't already signed up, please contact Janice Kromer before 9 September. You must have your name on record to get onto the base. Contact Janice at 821-1861 evenings or 873-9200 ext. 7126 daytime hours.
Or e-mails at jkromer@tariffis.com

September Cruise

Day-Cruise to the Isle of Palms for Lunch
13 September

Come to Morgan Creek Grill on Isle of Palms on Saturday 13 September for lunch and a gathering of friends. The restaurant is located in the Isle of Palms Marina. So, you can come by boat or car. Lunch is planned for 1200. Food selection will be from the Restaurants impressive menu of excellent, mostly-local seafood. Here's a sampling of lunch items at the restaurant:
Appetizers: Sea Scallops, Sesame Seared Tuna and Country Fried Oysters

Soups and Salads: Charleston She Crab Soup, Morgan Creek Salad

Pastas: Sautéed Shrimp or Fresh local Clams served with angel hair pasta in pesto sauce with feta cheese

Specialties: Sesame Seared Tuna, Morgan Creek Crab Cakes, Fresh Catch of the Day, Grilled Pork Chops, Burgers and Steaks.

(Prices range from $6.25 for burgers to $12.95 for seafood platters)

The Morgan Creek Grill, located in the Isle of Palms Marina, offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the Intercoastal Waterway and surrounding marshes. For our lunch, we reserved the front of the restaurant providing us with an excellent view of the waterway's daily procession of passing boats and wildlife.

Directions to Isle of Palms Marina By Boat
The Isle of Palms Marina is located on the Intercoastal Waterway's southeastern shore near Statute Mile 457 at flashing day beacon #116. Use channel 16 to call the marina harbormaster for a slip assignment. Docking fee at the harbor for lunch is $10.00. The Morgan Creek Restaurant is at the south end of the marina adjacent to the boat ramp. GPS coordinates for the Isle of Palms Marina are: 32 48.309 North/079 45.549 West. The Marina Phone Number is: 843 886-0209.

Directions to Isle of Palms Marina By Car
Take US Highway 17 from Mount Pleasant to the Isle of Palms Connector (Hwy 517) and go to Isle of Palms. After crossing the Clyde Dangerfield Bridge, turn left on Palm Boulevard (Hwy 703). Go to 41st Ave. and turn left. The marina is at the end of 41st Ave.

Reservations: Contact David Walsh (843) 556-3258 or Pamela Hicks (843) 557-0613 by Thursday 11 September for your lunch reservation.

Spotting Upcoming Severe Weather

Paul Yura of NOAA has offered to give our members a course on spotting upcoming severe weather. We will be meeting on Saturday, 20 September at 1300 at Headquarters. Paul's talk will last around two hours, and we will cover topics such as lightning, tornadoes, hail, waterspouts, etc. In the middle of hurricane season, this will be a timely reminder of the dangers of weather, so please plan on attending.

Janice Kromer

CPS To Host Shallotte Squadron

On Saturday, 4 October, we will have the opportunity to meet fellow USPS members by hosting a cocktail party for the Shallotte River Power Squadron. That squadron will visit Charleston for the weekend, and they will be docking at the Charleston Harbor Marina at Patriot's Point. Please participate in this social and demonstrate Charleston's famous hospitality.

All are asked to bring a finger food, and the squadron bar will be in attendance. I'm looking for a bartender or two, so if you'd like to help out, please let me know. The party will start on the docks of Patriot's Point at 1700.

Janice Kromer

Touring South to Savannah

We left Charleston early on Friday to join the cruise to Dataw Marina ($1.10/ft.). High tide was mid-day so we had plenty of water all the way.

Facilities at the Dataw Marina are very good and will be even better when the restaurant remodeling is complete. Details of our cookout with the Beaufort Squadron will be covered elsewhere.

On Sunday, we left for a two-day visit to Harbor Town Yacht Basin ($1.75/ft.) I guess we like this marina since this was our fifteenth visit in 11 years. The harbor is filled with many large yachts but there is always room for smaller boats. It is surrounded by the famous 18th golf hole, condos., shopping area and several restaurants. Walking/biking paths abound. A public bus system provides transportation to the beach or a general tour of the area. Boat trips are available to Daufuskie Island. A lot of families visit the marina by car and the people watching is great.

Tuesday we went to a new marina at Thunderbolt, Bahia Bleu (1.25/ft.) for one night. It is located about one mile north of Palmer Johnson's and just south of the bridge. Facilities are new but only 50 amp power is available. It is only a short walk to "Tubby's" restaurant from here.

Wednesday we headed back north for a two night stay at "Windmill Harbor" ($1.50/ft.). This was a unique experience from the beginning. You enter the harbor through a 20' X 80' lock that raises (6ft. plus at low tide) your boat to the marina pool level. The marina is surrounded by very,very expensive homes and town houses with very small lawns in-between. Most of the 250 boats, both sail and power, were medium to small size with only a few large ones. The centerpiece of the long and fairly narrow harbor was the private SC Yacht Club. The club was open to transient boaters for lunch and dinner, Wednesday - Sunday (check or cash). The swimming pool and locker rooms were also open to boaters (no charge). This subdivision is a gated community, with tight security, so the few people around were residents or employees. It is a very quiet and picturesque area to visit.

Our last stop was a night at Beaufort Downtown Marina ($1.25/ft.). This marina is on the waterway and a favorite one to visit since it is in town and near the shops and restaurants. Also, they have a "Courtesy Car", if you need to stop for food or other supplies.

One very nice marina that we didn't have time to visit was "Shelter Cove". Many members had an opportunity to enjoy this one at an earlier cruise.

On Saturday, we left for Charleston on a falling tide, and went through a lot of shallow water but got home safe.

If you have any questions about any of these locations, please phone us at 821-9111.

Glen and Mary Workman

PS Most marinas charge $8-$10 daily for 50 amp power but Windmill Harbor only charged $2.50. DEAL!

This Could Be Your Boat !

We want to see your boat in The Palmetto Log.

We would like to begin a monthly feature running a picture and a short article about a member's vessel. Send The Palmetto Log editor an e-mail to nelsonhicks@comcast.net with a picture and a short story about your boat. If you cannot send an e-mail send by snail mail and the picture will be returned.

Each month we will run this space with one of our member's boats. So, come on, let's show your baby off.

Bob Gulbrandsen

Please Welcome New Members

Please help me welcome our newest members: Arnold & Bobbi Jo O'Neal along with their son Taylor. They live in Mt. Pleasant and from time to time, Arnold may need rides to and from the meetings or classes, please call him at 856-7356
or email him at arnoldoneal@hotmail.com; Scott and Natalie Bluestein have a 23' sailboat and live in Charleston and their home number is 556-1760 or email them at boatinglaw@bellsouth.net ; Orion Hall who lives in Hanahan and can be reached at 810-8279; Morton and Barbara Hankin live on the Isle of Palms and have a 26' power boat. Their home phone number is 886-0877.

Please take the time to call our newest members and invite them to our nextmeeting, and the September cruise. It is better to receive four phone calls from members than no phone calls, so please call our newest members living in your

Boo Ward

Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, 7, August 2003

Commander Vince Lombardo called the meeting to order at 1933 at the Headquarters Building. Those in attendance were: 1st/Lt Corrin Marinko, Lt Terry Marinko, Lt Wendy Walsh, Lt David Walsh, Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen, Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans, P/Lt/C Martin Gipe, Lt Richard Finn, P/C William Lynes, Lt Nelson Hicks, Lt John VanWay, Lt/C Loretta Lombardo, Lt/C Stephen Kromer, Lt/C Janice Kromer, John Patten, P/R/C Ed Kridler, P/C Harry Gindhart, Bob Dodgens. A quorum was established. The minutes for the month of July were approved and accepted.

Executive: Per Lt/C Charlotte Yeomans: New items will be reported in the next issue of the Palmetto Log.

Educational: Per Lt/C Stephen Kromer: He brought up the issue that our Power Squadron has no phone contacts listed in the Yellow Pages. He volunteered to use one of his extra lines at his home for this purpose. An answering machine will be installed on this line for incoming messages. Steve also brought up the question about Internet access without going through the USPS/Gov central access area. This matter will be referred to P/Lt/C Harry Darby for more research.

Administrative: Per Lt/C Janice Kromer: August meeting is finalized and on schedule. The September meeting is still planned to be onboard the Coast Guard Cutter " Oaks" on September 11th. Please stay in contact with Janice as to the status of that meeting, as conditions could dictate a change to our plans. September 20th is the planned date for a severe weather class. Janice brought up Ryan Hall's name for new membership. The ExCom voted on and passed his vote for membership.

Treasurer: Per Lt/C Loretta Lombardo: The squadron remains solvent. There are several members that have not renewed membership to this date. Lt John VanWay, Lt/C Janice Kromer and Lt/C Loretta Lombardo have taken on the task of calling the members that have not renewed.

Secretary: Per Lt/C Bob Gulbrandsen: No new items to report on.

Commander: Per CDR Vince Lombardo: Squadron Member Hill Winters health continues to fail. The Dataw Island cruise was a great success. Members of both the Charleston Power Squadron and the Beaufort Power Squadron joined into the festivities. A National Membership program has been initiated called "The Power of One". More information to come from P/C Boo Ward as she looks over the new information.

Old Business: The Commander announced that he would be contacting the Budget Committee about the new year's budget. This needs to be addressed very soon, per Vince.

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